You’re a destination influencer and you’ve got the right tools. But there’s one looming question, who’s going to fund your travels so you can get to influencing (and getting paid)? You’ve got to prove your worth. There’s two big components that can help dial down your personal costs.

Prove your influence

People toss around the word influencer all the time, but what does a successful influencer look like? We consider three things: audience reach, credibility and engagement to back up your social profiles.

Audience reach

How many people read, watch or listen to your content? Are they the type of people that are interested in our destination? We analyze your audience to see if it fits what we’re targeting.

Don’t worry, it’s not all about numbers. You need the credibility and engagement to stand behind it.


You can’t buy your followers, OK? Bots don’t have a good ROI. Real people have to see your content, and more important, they need to engage with it.

*Engagement *

How are your followers interacting with your content? Did any of your followers Tweet you their experience at places you recommended? We want them on the next flight here.

What’s your plan?

How are you going to promote our city? Show us what you got. The more detail, the better.

Content plan

What does your time here look like digitally? We want to know what channels you will use and when. Are Instagram stories your thing, or do you prefer SnapChat? Planning on using Facebook live? Let us know so we can help support.

If you’re planning on publishing blogs while you’re in town, keep us in the loop. If you’d like to wait until you’re back home, that’s fine too. Just give us an idea of what your editorial calendar looks like so we know when to expect content.


Tell us what your time in our city looks like. Where will you be touring, visiting or eating? If you’re having trouble connecting with attractions or properties, we can try our best to get you in touch with them (or even provide you with some comped admission). We can help you fill in any itinerary gaps, too.


Let us know who you plan on interviewing for your blog, podcast or video content. Of course, we can provide suggestions and contacts if you need them. Our CVB staff is always happy to chat with you as well.

Show us what you got

Followers are nice, but a concrete content plan can really prove your worth. Strong audience + detailed promotion plan = $.

Wait...Are you registered as a Detroit influencer?

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