You create content that traveler's read when they are considering a destination. Your work is critical for convincing someone that they should spend their vacation or convention dollars in a city.

Here's the big question -- Who publishes (and hopefully pays for) your content?

Many times it's the Convention and Visitors Bureau or the State Tourism audience. For Detroit, it would be the Detroit Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau.

It's helpful to understand what a CVB does if you want to get more freelance content creation gigs from CVBs and even get part of your next visit to the city funded.

What the heck does a CVB do?

At the DMCVB, our job is to entice vacation travelers to Detroit and convince them that they should spend at least one night in the city at one of our hotels. On the business side, we encourage meeting and convention planners to have their next event in Detroit.

Think of the CVB as the advertising agency for the city of Detroit.

Everyday we publish social content, blogs, videos and podcasts highlighting Detroit's world-class amenities and experiences.

Frankly, the largest challenge we face is creating enough high quality travel content for our audience.

That's where you come in.

How successful influencers get CVB assistance (and even paid Gigs)

We believe that you are the best at reaching, engaging and and convincing your audience. We look for influencers who excel at these three skills:


How many people read, watch or listen to your content? Have you built an audience of travelers (business and leisure) that are a match for our city? We will look at the size of your social audiences to get a feel for how many people you can influence.

What if you have a small audience or just starting? Don't worry, that's where engagement comes in.


Are you connecting with your audience? Engagement is all about establishing a dialogue and building a community. Engagement requires work but it's the best way to make a small crowd roar like a packed stadium. It's a balancing act. We would rather partner with an influencer who has a small but engaged audience than with a influencer who can't get engage a packed room.

So if you are just starting, make sure you highlight your engagement when contacting a CVB.

One more thing --


It may be obvious, but it's worth repeating, you are an influencer because you can motivate your audience to take action. Convincing is built on credibility. Credibility comes from consistently publishing useful content. We gauge your credibility by looking at how many people like and share your content.

We are in your corner

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