Ah, the dreaded question: What social platform is best? We all have our favorite. Certain channels speak to specific audiences.

Here’s how each platform can help elevate your travel-influencer game:


Your blog is your online headquarters. It's where a potential client or travel sponsor will go do their due diligence on you. Here's what they are looking for:

Post Frequency:

How often are you publishing new content for your audience? A blog with old content says that you aren't about keeping your audience up-to-date.

Post Quality:

Each post on your blog is a virtual audition for your next gig. Well-written, edited and illustrated posts demonstrates your ability to tell a great story about a destination.

Content Diversity:

Travel marketing relies on several mediums including video, photography, audio and written text. The most valuable influencers can share their experiences using multiple mediums. Remember that destinations like Detroit have a diverse readership that consume media in different ways. Show us that you can speak to our technologically savvy audience.


Instragram is where a destination's story is told with pictures. Influencers who use Instagram can pull a person into their experience while creating a connection with the viewer. Instagram is a powerful medium when used correctly. CVBs tend to use Instagram-focused influencers because these storytellers can show off the unique beauty of their destination.

Quick Tip: CVBs are looking for photos of their destination first and you second. Sure, we all love a cute photo of your children playing in the RiverWalk fountains but an Instagram feed filled with selfies can hurt your ability to get a travel gig.


Many destinations rely on Facebook to reach leisure and business travelers. Check this out. Two billion people use Facebook monthly, and one billion people will use it today. That's why we pay close attention to your Facebook feed.

So what are we looking for?


Facebook is just a platform, a social dial tone. How are you using it to communicate your unique voice and approach to describing a destination? We love influencers who seem to jump off the newsfeed every time they post.


Are you having an ongoing conversation with your audience? Can your Facebook peeps rely on you to answer questions or just "Love" something they've said? It's the small stuff that builds a responsive audience. We are looking to see if you've covered all of your bases.

Content Diversity:

Here is is again. Are you using all of Facebook's tools to tell your story? Photos are just the start. Do you use polls to get travel ideas? How about videos and boomerangs to add life you your feed? An interesting feed holds people's attention and over time makes you a credible authority.


Twitter has lost the "coolest social media platform" award to Facebook but don't count out the blue bird yet. We appreciate influencers who use Twitter to give their audience a blow-by-blow narrative of their travel experience. Uploading quick photos and videos are awesome too.

Twitter for many destinations is where their power travelers hang out. It helps if you know how to use Twitter to keep these travelers interested.


Ok, you won't get dinged if you aren't killing it with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the social platform of choice for business professionals. Users are looking for 9-to-5 business content and aren't that interested in your perfect photo of the sun setting over the "Ren Cen".


You will get our attention if you are able to create a LinkedIn post or article describing why a business traveler may want to spend an extra day in Detroit.

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